Tips How do you minimize pores?

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Jun 10, 2020
Unfortunately you can't 'minimize' pores but there are ways you can ensure they're kept clean and dirt free.

I personally recommend to only double cleanse at night after wearing sunscreen or makeup.

A good cleanser will help to make sure your pores are clear. BHAs (salicylic acid) really helps to go deep into the pores and breaks down and pushes out the excess oil. If you haven't used a BHA before, start using it just once a week then if your skin doesn't have a bad reaction, then you can slowly increase to every other night.

Niacinamide is also good for regulating oil production and reducing redness.

While you can't physically reduce the size of your pores, you can make sure to keep them clean so that they don't get inflamed or dirty.

Hope this helps!