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  1. lizza_johnson_10

    How to Get Young Look?

    To look young you have to follow a healthy diet and some factors like: Select whole grains and complex carbohydrates Drink plenty of water Focus on daily breathing exercises Maintain a regular sleep schedule Drink ginger and green tea You can use Palmer's Cocoa Butter Anti-aging Smoothing...
  2. lizza_johnson_10

    How to Treat Ace?

    To clear your acne, you need to change your lifestyle. There are some changes you have to make in your lifestyle: 1. First off, you need to change your diet. eliminate all junk food/sugar eliminate dairy and meat. I advise you still eat eggs though (as they are a good source of protein) drink...
  3. lizza_johnson_10

    Different Types Of Lip Balms

    The two brands I use religiously is 1. Baby lips and 2. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Flipbalm Ripe Mango Baby Lips - they have a variety of products ranging from just moisturizing lip balms to lip tints or lipsticks. My biggest complaint is that it doesn’t stay on for very long because its not as...
  4. lizza_johnson_10

    Tips Basic skincare to treat troubled eczema on your body

    My uncle is suffering eczema for the past 2 years. We do all possible treatment but not get the results. Can you please tell some home remedies that work for him and also tell that which type of food must be avoided during eczema.
  5. lizza_johnson_10

    Personal Should I stop using retinols in the summer?

    In any season retinol is not safe for your skin. As I experience, When you use retinol you have to remember a few things: 1. It brings some bad side effects such as red spots and severe itching. The reason is that retinol is converted to retinol acid and the skin becomes dry and the capillaries...
  6. lizza_johnson_10

    How to Get Young Look?

    In my opinion, Anti-aging can be treated by skincare regimens in several ways. To offer themselves a more youthful appearance, many women use wrinkle creams, anti-aging serums, and under-eye creams. It can help replenish your skin's appearance by using ingredients such as retinol...
  7. lizza_johnson_10

    8 Skin Habits That Make You Look Older

    I agree with the habits that you are talking about. But I think an important part is genes. I believe some people are genetically predisposed to look a certain age at each phase of life. It probably is a significant uncontrollable factor in how a person ages. The 4 factors you can control are -...