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  1. sc-amber

    Organic Tea Tree essential oil

    I always had with me my tea tree oil, it's always been my holy grail since my teenage days up until now!
  2. sc-amber

    cinnamon cassia

    I personally enjoy the scent of cinnamon and find it very relaxing, apart from the lavender oil, of course!
  3. sc-amber

    myrrh essential oil

    As far as I know, it also strengthens and activates the immune system and keeps the body protected from infections.
  4. sc-amber

    Product Help best skin care regimen for 40 year olds

    That's cool. Thanks!
  5. sc-amber

    Do you know how to take care of acne-prone skin in your 30s?

    The tread is supposed to be about skincare not hair care products.
  6. sc-amber

    Using niacinamide Fades hyperpigmentation

    But can I use niacinamide everyday?
  7. sc-amber

    Why is Sauvage so popular?

    Because it’s being marketed really well. There are also a lot of fragrances that are Sauvage inspired. So you may not actually be smelling Sauvage just something really similar.
  8. sc-amber

    Product Help best skin care regimen for 40 year olds

    Are these all intended to be used all at the same time? Also, are product mixing on different skincare brands recommended? Or should I just stick to just one brand?
  9. sc-amber

    How to get rid of sunburn textured skin

    Isn't this too much? I believe that when it comes to skincare, less is more.
  10. sc-amber

    what is your favor skin lightening products?

    I've been a long time user of Samira skincare essentials immense whitening skin care products. Their whitening skin care line includes toning milk, fade cream, exfoliating soap, toning serum, and a dark spot corrector.
  11. sc-amber

    What to do when the Sun steals your shine and damages your skin

    I totally agree, that's why it is important to always have a sunblock or sunscreen in place.
  12. sc-amber

    Acne Rosacea

    What specific product did you use or take to get rid of those acne rosacea?
  13. sc-amber

    Anti aging products

    So was it just all about anti-aging products then?
  14. sc-amber

    Hello All Beautiful People!

    Hello All! My name's Amber, I am new to this community and this is my first post. ;) I'd like to learn more and share my knowledge and expertise about health, skincare, and beauty. I hope to have a great time here! :giggle: