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  1. healthandbeautytipss4u

    Tips Basic skincare to treat troubled eczema on your body

    I had Eczema and its a skin condition where your skin is very dry and as a result itching and rashes happens. In my case aloe vera gel has helped me get through it but you should always consult a doctor for it. If your are planning to use aloe vera gel then get the Kapiva one it is one of the...
  2. healthandbeautytipss4u

    How to Get Young Look?

    Not just skincare, but the lifestyle choices you make, play a crucial role in how your skin looks in the long run. I have cut down on my junk food intake and started making healthier choices . i have started drinking aloe vera juice and it improves your skin and you can see a difference after a...
  3. healthandbeautytipss4u

    Best Beauty Products In India | Critik

    Aloe vera gel is one of my skincare and haircare staples. i have bought so many jars of this and it is something that really works for me. Include an aloe vera gel in your regimen and go for a ayurvedic brand like Kapiva, their products are pure & good quality.
  4. healthandbeautytipss4u

    How to Treat Ace?

    For the longest time now, i remember having acne so i thought of giving the ayurvedic herbs a try, and i started consuming the Amla Giloy juice on a daily basis, and it has improved my skin so much. And i would recommend it to anyone who struggles with acne, the one that i used is by Kapiva...